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What is Hurst Search?

Hurst Search allows users to access many of the libraries’ resources from a single search box. Users can find scholarly articles, books, ebooks, reference materials, images, media, government documents, and more using this service.

What does it search?

How is it used?

Hurst Search search box allows users to do a basic keyword search within many of the libraries' resources. Use the dropdown box to search by title or author or click on "More search options" to limit your search by full text, source, date, publisher, etc. You can also limit your search using the left side bar on the results page.

Search Tips:

Click here for more search tips.

Who can use it?

Hurst Search is provided by the Mercyhurst University libraries for use by the Mercyhurst Community.

Have more questions or need help?

Contact the Systems and Teaching Librarian or use the Ask a Librarian page for more assistance.