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Library Printers

Within Hammermill Library there are five universal print/copy/scan stations. Each floor has a station that prints from L100, L325, Weber Hall, and the Reference Computer Stations. Below is a description of each printer/copier/scanner location, where you can receive your print jobs and make copies or scans. A valid Mercyhurst ID Card is required to operate the library print/copy/scan machines. Each student is given 167 free prints at the beginning of each term for printing (students may add funds to their card as needed). Black and white prints cost $0.05, color prints cost $0.39 per print, and scanned materials are free. Always remember to log off the printer when you are finished!

First Floor Location: In the hallway across from L100.
Second Floor Location: Against the wall near the Reference Computer Stations and Outside of L225.
Third Floor Location: Against the outside wall of the Ridge Reading Room.
3R Location: In the hallway between the Walker Reading Room and the Weber Hall Great Room.