About Translation Services

The Hammermill Library's translation services are provided by Google Translation. These services are intended to assist non-native English speaking students in using the library's resources and any student, faculty, or staff member who have an interest in learning or reading foreign languages. For more information about these services please contact the Systems and Teaching Librarian.

Known Issues:

1. Users cannot click on a flag to translate a page and then, while in the translation, click on another flag to switch to another language.

Solution: To switch to another language while in a non-English translation, users must either use their browsers' back button to go back to the original page and choose another flag, or use the Google Translation bar that will appear at the top of the web page within a translation.

2. Users cannot search our library catalog in another language.

Solution: Users will need to perform searches in the library catalog in English and after selecting a resource to view, click on the translation flags of their choice (they are located in the navigation bar to the right).

3. Some users may not be able to view translations in languages that do not use the Roman alphabet due to their computers' operating system (e.i. Windows XP) or browser version (e.i. Internet Explorer 6).

Solution: If your operating system or browser does not support foreign language characters you can either upgrade to a different operating system or browser or use another computer that does support these characters.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Systems and Teaching Librarian.