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The Mercyhurst University Libraries includes the Hammermill library on the main campus and the Tom and Michelle Ridge Library at the McAuley College of Associate Degree Studies, headquartered at Mercyhurst North East, which is one of the area's leading providers of career training. Both libraries strive to enrich the Mercyhurst education process by cultivating an information rich environment and develop life-long learners and moral consumers of information. Many students today don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to find information. Many of you are online everyday finding and gathering information: reconnecting with people, registering for open classes, buying books and other merchandise, downloading driving directions, weather forecasts, song lyrics, recipes, and celebrity gossip. But gathering information is not research! Research requires that you find information, of course, but it also demands that you explore ideas, try to solve problems, and make arguments. Information is important to do these things, but you need time to read the information you find, reflect on it, analyze it, and to write several drafts of papers or projects so that you can present your research in a clear and logical way. The Hammermill Library and the Ridge Library provide just such a place. With plenty of seating for groups and individual study along with computer workstations for research and writing and plenty of printers students can and will meet scholarly requirements. At the same time, the virtual library will connect students to all resources and the staff will guide and teach so that all scholars receive the necessary information and knowledge for today and tomorrow.