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Zotero: Comparison of RefWorks to Zotero

A brief introduction to using Zotero.


Which organizer is better for you?  RefWorks    Zotero
Do you normally work in a computer lab? Web-based, works on public computers    Best used on your own    computers (need to install    plugin)
Imports and organizes citation information Yes    Yes
Archives PDF or copy of web page PDFs may be attached manually    Yes
Collect multiple kinds of document citations and PDFs only    Any kind of document
Notetaking features Each entry has a few user-defined text fields    You can connect related    files - for example, you can    have your notes attached    to an article
Where is data stored? Online on their server; it is possible to download an archive    On your own hard drive but    can be set to sync to    Dropbox 
Works with Microsoft Word to format bibliographies and citations (e.g. APA style)    Yes    Yes