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iMU at Mercyhurst University: Presentation Tools

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools include resources to help users brainstorm, edit, share, or develop projects, files, or presentations online.

Quick Polling Sites

Find and use a number of online polling sites to take quick one-shot polls for presentations or to create more in-depth polls for post-presentation evaluations and more. Polls can be useful for students and faculty alike.

Screencasting & Screen Capturing

Presentation & Graphics Tools

Tools for creating presentations and graphics including alternatives to PowerPoint, visualization tools, options for creating handouts and flyers, engaging/interactive presentations, and more.

Timelines & Storylines

Tools to create timelines, infographics, and other materials for a more visual presentation.

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Image Searching

Remember that the accuracy of the images needs to be evaluated along with the websites that display them.  Searching for images with general search engines may lead to objectionable or obscene images, so use caution.


Copyright Considerations


Most image sources will include information about the copyright status.  Many sources will allow you to reproduce images for teaching or other non-commercial uses.  Always remember to attribute the source of the image when incorporating it into your own presentations.

Some image search engines allow you to limit your search to images licensed with Creative Commons licenses that may allow re-use.  Often this is on the 'Advanced Search' screen.  See the specific license to see if you can modify the image, use it for commercial purposes, or need to make attribution to the creator. See our Copyright Information libguide for more information or click the logo below:

Audio, Video, and Graphics Tools

A variety of tools to help you create and edit graphics, edit or use movies and audio materials.Here are some tips on how to use media effectively as well.