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Troubleshooting Online Library Resources: A Guide for Users: Clearing Cache

Information on troubleshooting problems with access to the library's online resources.

Browser problems?

  • What browser ar you using?  Have you recently downloaded an updated version of your browser?  Sometimes new versions will reset seurity settings such as cookies and firewalls that you might have changed on the old version.  Your best bet is to start fresh.  Clear the cache and cookies from your browser using the below directions.





  • After clearing, you will have to set your browser to accept cookes!  If not, your computer will not be able to "remember" that your've logged in with your user name and password!
  • Sometimes there is a problem using a certain browser for some databases.  We recommend switching to another browser and trying again!

Still need help?

Take time to fill out our FORM or Contact us directly! Or call, (814) 725-6326 during business hours!