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Using EZBorrow: EZborrow and ILLiad

Borrowing from Other Libraries

ill graphic The Hammermill Library doesn't always have what you need.  When a book or article you want to read isn't available at the Hammermill library, it may be possible for us to borrow it from another library on your behalf. We have two services available that you can use: EZborrow and ILLiad.

For Books: Always start with EZborrow. You can search for items in our network of partner libraries yourself and request them to be shipped here right away.  If you don't find the title in EZborrow, then try ILLiad.

For Journal Articles you must use ILLiad.

Both services are cost-free for you the user. If you have any questions please contact Lori Krasnesky, Interlibrary Loan Specialist, at 

But first, check our collections in the LIBRARY CATALOG or the FULL TEXT FINDER JOURNAL LIST, as we might already have the item you're looking for after all.



For borrowing books rapidly

Access EZBorrow here

EZBorrow is an interlibrary loan service that allows you to find and borrow books from over 50 member libraries. You make your requests directly to the EZborrow service and your materials are then delivered to the Hammermill Library in about 3-5 business days. EZborrow is made possible by PALCI, a library consortium with member institutions in PA and neighboring states. You may also use EZborrow's search to find other library collections to visit in person (check with other libraries' visitor policies before doing so).


How to use EZborrow

  1. Visit EZBorrow at
  2. Search for materials
  3. Click the Request button under the item you want to borrow in search results or on the item's record page
  4. A new Login window will pop up. Under Select Home Institution choose Mercyhurst University from the drop-down menu
  5. The usual Mercyhurst login screen will appear, unless your browser remembers your Mercyhurst login from your email, the HUB, or other authenticated services.
  6. Under Confirm request select a pickup location (only Mercyhurst Hammermill Library Circ Desk is available )
    1. If applicable, specify a date when you will no longer need the item, a specific volume number in a multi-volume set, or any notes you'd like to add to your request
  7. Click "Confirm Request"
  8. A message should say "Your request has been submitted to EZBorrow."
  9. An email will notify you when the item is ready to be picked up at the Hammermill Library Circulation Desk
  10. You may borrow the item for up to 16 weeks. You may ask for more time, but an extension is not guaranteed.
  11. Return the borrowed item to the Hammermill Library Circulation Desk. Materials not returned by the due date or recall date may result in your library account being blocked, and fines being assessed.


Log on to ILLiad here
For articles and items EZborrow does not have

How to use ILLiad

  1. If you're looking for a book, did you check EZborrow first?
  2. Log into your ILLiad account using your Mercyhurst login (The first time you log in you'll need to fill in your contact information).
  3. Choose the material type you're looking for under "New Request"
  4. Fill in as much information as you can about the item you're looking for
  6. Return the borrowed item to the Hammermill Library Circulation Desk. Materials not returned by the due date or recall date may result in your library account being blocked, and fines being assessed.


Renewing ILL items

To renew ILL items borrowed from ILLiad, contact our Interlibrary Loan Specialist directly at or (814) 824-3988. Renewals are subject to approval by the lending library, and you may only receive one renewal per book.


Further ILLiad information

  • If the material you have requested is owned by our Library, we will cancel your request and help you access the requested material in our collection.
  • Delivery time is dependent on the library sending the material, the availability of the requested material, and the accuracy of the details of your request. Requests are usually processed within 1-2 business days when classes are in session. ILL books can take at least one week to arrive. Journal articles usually arrive within two days, but can take up to one week to arrive. Weather conditions may effect delivery.
  • You will be contacted via your Mercyhurst email when items arrive. The email address you enter must be your Mercyhurst University email address. Please do not use outside email addresses.
  • Articles may be delivered directly to your ILLiad account (Electronically Received Articles) and stored for 20 days. Delivered articles should be downloaded and/or printed upon receipt.
  • Books must be picked up and returned to the Hammermill Library. You will get an email notifying you that the ILL book is ready to be picked up. Books have a loan period anywhere from two weeks to one month.
  • Materials not returned by the due date or recall date may result in the patron's ILLiad and library account being blocked, and fines being assessed.