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Troubleshooting Online Library Resources: A Guide for Users: Report a Problem!

Information on troubleshooting problems with access to the library's online resources.

Contact us here!

Report your issue!

Mercyhurst University provides, for their community, over 100 databases, approximately 200,000 ebooks and almost 200,000 electronic journals.  It is impossible to keep track of the electronic pathway for each and every resource.  We need your help!  Please let us know if you find broken links!!  

Information to Help Us Help You

If you are still having problems accessing the libraries' databases please contact us.  The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to identify the problem.  Please provide answers to the following: 

1.    Are you using the correct user name and password?  Did you change it recently?

2.    What resource are you trying to connect with?

3.    How are you attempting to access this resource? 

  • Through the Search Everything Search?
  • Directly through the database on the library's website?
  • Accessing it through the catalog?

4.    Are you on campus or off campus?

5.    What were you attempting to do when the error occurred?

6.    What is the exact error message?

7.    Which browser are you using and what version number?

Use this information to fill out our troubleshooting form!