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Mercyhurst has 5 "seats" at the table for Jane's.   Limits won't prevent users from logging in, but after navigating to any products in the "Products" tab at the top, the 5 available seats will start to populate.

After these seats are filled, subsequent users will encounter an error notifying them that concurrency limits prevent the access to the requested content.  Essentially you will have to wait your turn.  Once the users close the product-specific window, or click "Log Out" on the top right, the seat will be freed for the next user to navigate to product-specific content.  

The seat will be automatically vacated after about one hour of inactivity.

Individual Accounts

User Self-Registration

Users will be able to continue registering for individual accounts within the shared profile by hovering over the Mercyhurst College name on the top right, then choosing Create Personal Account:

Users will be prompted to enter their email address, then proceed to build a profile with a basic set of information:

After submitting their registration, they should receive an immediate welcome email with a link to reset their password and log in at the following page. If the user clicks Remember Me when logging in, they will be able to bypass the shared IP-authenticated profile and stay logged into their individual profile until they delete browser cookies or click the Log Out link on the top right.

However, if they reach the shared profile for any reason, they can just hover over Mercyhurst College and choose Login to be prompted with the login page again:


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