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THESIS - BINDING, Steps to getting your Thesis bound.: Students

Mandatory: Submitting Your Thesis to the Library

thesis shelf


After your thesis has been approved, two paper copies, one pdf of your thesis, and a copy of the publication agreement must be submitted to your graduate department. It is very important that your thesis follow the guidelines listed below:

Thesis Guidelines:

1. A PDF file must be provided along with two paper copies.

2. Include the title page, abstract, and table of contents, as submitted to your adviser.

3. Include pagination.

A signed copy of the publication agreement form is required upon submission of your thesis. The form PDF can be downloaded here:

Your faculty advisor will send the two paper copies and one PDF document to the library.

Why Electronic?

Electronic submissions allow the University to fulfill its responsibilities of recording and archiving theses and dissertations more economically. While the primary goal of Electronic Thesis &  Dissertation (ETD) initiatives is to make the research and scholarship accessible, ETDs reduce the need for library storage space and advance digital library technology, thus improving library services.