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Biology: Articles

This guide is designed to help students and faculty access credible resources related to the study of biology.

Finding Articles

Databases are the first place to look for articles. Databases usually have information about an article (such as the title, author, name of the journal or magazine in which the article appeared) and they may also contain a summary (abstract) of the article.

Some databases have a complete copy of the articles (called full text). In this case there is a link to an HTML or PDF document.


Search Tips

Use these search strategies to help you find useful information quickly and effectively:

Boolean Searching

Truncation & "Wildcards"

Quotation Marks for Phrase Searching

Let one good book or article lead you to others. Scholarly publications almost always have bibliographies or lists of works cited.  Check these out!   If the original source is useful to you, works used by the author may be valuable, too. Even Wikipedia's footbotes can help you to find citations, even if Wikipedia articles themselves are not acceptable resources.

You can also see how a particular book or article is categorized and look for other works in that category.

Check out these searching tutorials for more information:

Discover library sources. Start your research here!


 Begin your search in these recommended databases:

Try these Open Access Biology Journals!

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search