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Service Learning: Local Service Learning Opportunities

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Local Service Learning Opportunity: The Grapevine timeXchange


What It Is:
The Grapevine timeXchange is an organization that is part of a larger social movement.  It is a Time Bank where members work for each other for time credit instead of money.  We currently have 125 individual and 10 organizational members.


Why Join:
Learn about how the members of the Grapevine timeXchange are connecting the North East Community by helping each other in   unique ways.  You can join the timeXchange after attending an orientation.


To strengthen the fabric of our community. Establishing trusting relationships and bringing the community together will help meet the needs of all its citizens. Each person has talents to share, and our community is strengthened when neighbors help one another. We want to empower our neighbors to re-evaluate their notions of "worth" and to inspire reciprocity, community, and respect through the sharing of our greatest natural resources, our time and spirit.


Upcoming Events with the Grapvine timeXchange:


10th of every month:  

Potluck dinner at the Park United Methodist Church in North East


Thursday, April 17 from 5:30pm - 7pm @ McCord Memorial Library (32 West Main St., North East, PA):  
Orientation for the Grapevine timeXchange