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Code of Conduct

Access to the Hammermill Library's information materials, computers, network, and building resources is a privilege granted to Mercyhurst University students, faculty, and staff. The Library also welcomes authorized, affiliated users and guests whose needs for access reflect the educational and research mission of the university and whose usage does not interfere with access by Mercyhurst students, faculty, and staff.

  • All persons must abide by the policies of the Hammermill Library and Mercyhurst University.
  • All individuals should be prepared to present identification at any time.
  • All individuals are expected to be considerate of others needs in their use of resources and in their behavior.

To provide a secure environment conducive to productive scholarship, library staff or Mercyhurst Police & Safety staff are authorized to:

  • Request current identification of any person in the library.
  • Question any person if it appears that any Mercyhurst Library or Mercyhurst University policies are being disregarded and to call for assistance if necessary.
  • Limit or revoke library privileges any time its policies are being disregarded.

This policy applies to all users of the Hammermill Library, whether or not they are affiliated with the university. All individuals are responsible for their own actions and are accountable for their conduct. The Library retains the right to remove any user who does not adhere to the following policies:

Code of Conduct for the Use of Information Technology

The complete IT Code of Conduct is available here in the Mercyhurst University Portal (MyMercyhurst).

Food and Beverage Policy

This food and drink policy has been devised to protect the Library collections, equipment, and facilities.

  • Beverages are permitted in lidded containers.
  • No food or drinks the L325 Language Lab.
  • Food and drink must be kept away from computer units.
  • Library patrons must clean up after themselves and use appropriate waste baskets and/or recycling bins.
  • Cooking equipment, excessive quantities of food or drink, large group meals, or other disruptive activities are prohibited. Catered meetings or other meal events must receive prior approval.

Noise Policy

Patrons of the Hammermill Library have the right to expect a quiet and pleasant library environment conducive to study and research while free of disruptive activity. Noise must be kept at a minimum throughout the library. This entails refraining from excessive and unnecessary noise. The following guidelines will be enforced:

  • Group studying is permitted using low volume in all library areas. Remember to be respectful of your fellow students when conversing.
  • Cell phone conversation must be taken in the lobby. Phones should be set to silent/vibrate.
  • While using audio on your device, headphones are mandatory.
  • Failure to comply will result in consequences as per our Code of Conduct.

Please bring any noise complaints to library staff and the situation will be dealt with accordingly.

Circulation of Library Materials

Borrowing Privileges

Mercyhurst University students, faculty, staff, administration, trustees and the Sisters of Mercy are eligible to borrow materials from the Hammermill Library. In addition, limited borrowing privileges are extended to Mercyhurst University alumni, faculty and students from other area colleges and universities, and Mercyhurst Prep juniors and seniors. Occasionally, with the Director's permission, courtesy cards are issued to people not directly affiliated with the University.

Faculty Borrowing Privileges

Full-time faculty may check out most circulating materials for 60 days; video recordings and reserve materials are exceptions. Items charged to adjunct faculty will be due by the end of the term. In most instances, materials may be renewed if no other patrons have placed a hold on them. If a faculty member has any items more than one year overdue (90 days for adjunct faculty), their library privileges will be blocked and they will be billed for replacement of the item. Faculty are only charged overdue fines for items borrowed through the interlibrary loan services. These charges are $0.20 per day. All circulation notices are sent electronically to faculty members' Mercyhurst email accounts.


Students, faculty, and staff of Mercyhurst University must present a valid Mercyhurst University ID or other form of photo identification to check out materials or obtain information about one's account. All other authorized users (including Mercyhurst University alumni, faculty and students from other area colleges and universities, Mercyhurst Prep juniors and seniors, and retirees of the University) must present a guest Green Library card. To obtain a Mercyhurst Green Library Card please visit the Circulation Desk at the library. Issuance of a guest Green Library Card is subject to verification of identification and status. Only authorized library staff may issue guest Green Library Card.


Each patron assumes responsibility for all materials checked out on his/her library account. Full payment of charges on a patron account will result in clearing patron accounts. Partial payments will be accepted but will not clear an account for issuance of a diploma or transcript. Patrons assume liability for any damages, theft, or loss that may occur while items are checked out to their account.

Loan Rules

Item Type Students Faculty, Staff,
Alumni, Mercyhurst Prep,
Other Colleges, Green Library Card
Books, Curriculum Library, & Music Scores 28 Days 60 Days 28 Days
Videos & DVDs 7 Days 7 Days 2 hrs. (library use only)
Music CDs 7 Days 60 Days 2 hrs. (library use only)


Reserve materials circulate for 2 hours, 2 days, or 7 days. The loan period is decided by the instructor.

Any item, with the exception of reserve materials, may be renewed once. A library patron can renew items at the circulation desk, by phone (x2234), or through Your Account. Materials may not be renewed if another patron has placed a hold on them.

Reference materials and periodicals DO NOT CIRCULATE.

Placing Holds

If a desired item is currently on loan or is at a different branch location, a hold may be placed to reserve that item when it is returned to be checked out at the desired location. To place a hold electronically, click the "Place Hold" button when viewing the record for the item in our online catalog and log in with your Mercyhurst credentials. A notice is sent when the requested item is available.


Patrons will be notified 3 days prior to an item's due date, and again the day before it is due. Patrons with overdue items will receive notices when they are 1, 7, 14, and 21 days overdue. If the materials are not returned after the third notice, the patron is billed for the charges outlined below.

Fees and Fines

Overdue fines accrue at the rate of $.20/day for a book, or $1.00/day for videocassettes and DVDs. When a book or compact disc is 28 days overdue, it is considered lost. For lost or damaged library materials, the patron is charged for replacement along with a $10.00 non-negotiable overdue fine and a $25.00 processing fee. A patron has ninety (90) days from the date of the Invoice to return an item(s) for credit of the replacement cost(s) and processing fees (the $10.00 fine remains on account).

Student Assistants Borrowing for Faculty or Staff

If a faculty or staff member wishes to have their student assistant or graduate assistant check out library items on their behalf, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. The employee must submit, in writing, a list of students authorized to check items out for them. A printable form letter is available here on the library's web site or at the Circulation Desk.
  2. A copy of this letter will be kept at the Circulation Desk.
  3. The student must present both their and the employee's ID.
  4. The library staff will check the file of letters to make sure that the student has been authorized to check out items on an employee's account.
  5. Once verified, the items will be charged to the employee's account and the employee assumes responsibility for all materials.

The list of authorized students will remain in force for the current academic year. Faculty or staff must inform the library of any changes by submitting an updated letter.

Copyright Information

See the library Copyright Guide for the Hammermill Library's Copyright Policies and more information.