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How to use the nkoda application for sheet music

install nkoda

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nkoda is the world's largest licensed sheet music library, with a wide variety of genres from leading publishers. It is also a special online resource that does not run in a browser, but requires installation of an app on your device. Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, and Android are supported. Visit this page to install the version compatible with your device:

Once you have installed the application, log into it using your Mercyhurst account. Look for an option that says "Institution" on it, and search for Mercyhurst where it says "find your institution." Then continue with your Mercyhurst login to use the nkoda program.


login example

Note: Mercyhurst University's subscription to nkoda includes access for up to two users at one time. Please close the program when it is not in use. If you are unable to access nkoda because all seats are occupied, try again at another time.

Note for faculty, staff, and computer lab users: University-run Windows workstations may be prevented from installing nkoda by a security software program called "ThreatLocker" which is intended to keep the university network safe. You may see a pop-up window where you can request for nkoda to be authorized on your university computer and ask to be notified via email when it is approved. Please contact the Mercyhurst IT department if you have any questions.

vnet threatlocker screen