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About Kanopy Streaming Movies: Sharing & Citation

How to link or embed Kanopy


The simplest way for students and instructors to view Kanopy videos in out collection is to enter our main Mercyhurst Kanopy link here and choose or search for the title as this will always work on and off campus.

Linking to Kanopy Videos

Another way to share a video from Kanopy is to share its URL or "link". To get the URL, click "Share" and copy the URL in the "Share link" box that appears.

However, this URL will not work off-campus. To make the URL work off-campus, there is just one more step.


Off-campus URL to Kanopy

To share a Kanopy video off campus, copy and paste this special text in front of your Kanopy URL:


Your URL should then look something like this:


Embedding Kanopy videos in Blackboard


Kanopy can provide pre-made HTML code for embedding your videos in Blackboard (or other web pages). To get it, click "share", then "embed", and then copy the HTML code that appears.


In Blackboard, make a new content item where you want your video to appear. You may write text on the page or etc. as you normally would in Blackboard. To add the video, click the "HTML" button in the editor to see the HTML code of your content.


Paste in the HTML code for the video (if you've written anything else in the page, be careful not to paste over it and vice versa).


These embedded videos will probably not work from off-campus, so please include the off-campus link to the video or our Kanopy collection page here

Help citing films in Kanopy

Kanopy has an option that allows you to make citations for the films we have in various formats. To use it, click where it says "More..." and then click "Citation Tool."

citation help