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Potential Research Topics: Sports (Continued)

This guide will help with settling on a research topic for class.

Sports (Continued)

SPORTS: Stephen Curry MVP  
TOPIC:  The Golden State Warriors’ star point guard Stephen Curry has become the first unanimously voted MVP in NBA history and the 11th to win the award in consecutive seasons.  What are the key strengths of his game and how are the Golden State Warriors doing this season? Who are some of the other players who have also won the MVP in consecutive seasons and what were the high points of their careers?
SEARCH TERMS:  Stephen Curry AND Golden State AND MVP

SPORTS: Olympics in Sight
TOPIC: The Olympics flame is on the way to Brazil in advance of this summer’s games in Rio de Janeiro. How are the Brazilians doing in their preparations for hosting the games? What health threat worries some of the athletes? What route will the flame take through the large country of Brazil?
SEARCH TERMS: Rio de Janeiro AND Olympics

SPORTS: Masters Tournament
TOPIC: Danny Willett has won professional golf’s famous Master’s Tournament. What were some of the most impressive shots he made in the tournament? What were some of the surprising disappointments in the performance of Jordan Spieth? What are some of the previous high points in the careers of these two golfers and what are the strengths of each man’s style of playing?
SEARCH TERMS: Masters Tournament AND Danny Willett

TOPIC: Quarterback for University of California, Jared Goff, was the first draft pick this year and was taken by the Los Angeles Rams. How does the National Football League (NFL) draft work and how is their process intended to improve parity between the teams that should make for more interesting games? When did the NFL draft start and what refinements to the process have been made through its history?

SPORTS: Boston Marathon
TOPIC: Two Ethiopians won this year’s Boston Marathon, with Lemi Berhanu Hayle winning the men’s race and Atsede Baysa winning the women’s race in the first Ethiopian sweep in the history of the race. What are some of the key features of the Boston Marathon that make it a favorite race of runners? What kind of running program does Ethiopia have and how do they
SEARCH TERMS: Boston Marathon AND Ethiopian AND Atsede Baysa

SPORTS: Truth and Justice
TOPIC: The jury at the Hillsborough Stadium disaster inquest returned a verdict stating that the deaths of the 96 Liverpool football fans were unlawful and that the police services were to blame. The Crown Prosecution Service must now decide if any individual members should be brought to trial. Who was in charge of the police that day and what did his testimony reveal? Who was initially blamed for the disaster and what were the real facts of the case? How vindicated were the families of the victims who have been struggling to determine the truth for 27 years?
SEARCH TERMS: Hillsborough Stadium disaster AND inquest AND verdict

SPORTS: Lawsuit Threatened
TOPIC: Rafael Nadal is going to sue a former French minister who accused him of using performance enhancing drugs. Roselyne Bachelot surmised that his absence from the tour was probably due to a failed drug test. What type of suit is he filing? Do French laws favor one side or the other in these types of suits? What is Nadal’s explanation for his lengthy absence from competing?
SEARCH TERMS: Rafael Nadal AND Roselyne Bachelot