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Potential Research Topics: CRIME AND LAW (CRIMINAL JUSTICE)

This guide will help with settling on a research topic for class.


CRIME AND LAW: France - Stolen Art Recovered
French Customs officials found a stolen painting, The Chorus Singers by Edgar Degas, in
a piece of luggage on a bus. It had been stolen in 2009. No passenger claimed the luggage. From
what museum was it stolen? What opera does the painting depict? What are some of Degas’ other
works that focus on the performing arts?
SEARCH TERMS: France AND painting AND Edgar Degas

CRIME AND LAW: Parkland Florida School Shooting
One of the deadliest mass shootings in the world took place at Parkland Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School when a troubled former student walked through the school firing on students and teachers. What have the surviving students done in response to this event and the long rash of school shootings that have taken place in 2018? How are high school students across the country responding? What disinformation has been spread about this shooting and why? How has the National Rifle Association responded?
SEARCH TERMS: Parkland AND Stoneman Douglas AND (gun OR guns OR shooting OR shootings)

CRIME AND LAW: Thai Wildlife Smuggling
Thai police have arrested Boonchai Bach, an alleged wildlife smuggler. His trafficking
group may have been involved in the illegal importation of 14 rhinoceros horns, valued at over one
million dollars. What else is Boonchai thought to have been involved in? What else are they
considering charging him with in order to increase the amount of time which, if convicted, he would
have to serve?
SEARCH TERMS: wildlife AND (trafficking OR smuggling) AND Boonchai Bach

CRIME AND LAW: School Shootings
There have been 11 school shootings in the first 23 days of 2018, a strong spike in this
particular crime at a time when crime is nationally low. What were the circumstances in each case
and what has been done in each one to make the schools safer? Why have schools been the
target for so many shootings?
SEARCH TERMS: school shootings AND 11 AND 2018

CRIME AND LAW: Deadliest Texas Mass Shooting
26 people were killed and 20 injured when Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire in the First
Baptist Church in Southerland Springs, Texas marking the deadliest mass shooting in the state.
What do we know about Kelley and his motive for this act? What has been the response to this
event and what kind of precautions are there to prevent a mass shooting from happening again?
SEARCH TERMS: Southerland Springs AND shooting AND church

CRIME AND LAW: Saudi Arabia Anti-corruption Moves
Declaring a crackdown on corruption, Saudi Arabia arrested several wealthy people,
including businessmen and members of the royal family, housing them in a luxury hotel rather than
a prison. Among those arrested was the head of the National Guard, whose leadership was taken
over by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, his cousin. What type of corruption is said to
flourish in Saudi Arabia? Who has been arrested and is it known what they are charged with? What
are some of the theories as to how the Crown Prince could benefit, or be affected, by this?
SEARCH TERMS: Saudi Arabia AND corruption

CRIME AND LAW: Barcelona Terror Attack
A fatal attack by a van into walkers and vendors on Barcelona’s famed Las Ramblas’
pedestrian walkway was determined to be a part of a larger plot that failed to come off in its
entirety, due in part to the terrorists blowing themselves up as they assembled bombs. What were
the other parts of this plot? Who was killed in the bomb blast? What arrests have been made in
response to the attack?
SEARCH TERMS: Barcelona AND terrorism

CRIME AND LAW: Ahmed Timol Case
Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol died while in police custody in October of 1971. The
police say he committed suicide. His family claims he was tortured and killed by the police and wish
to have a new investigation. What was Timol’s role in the African National Congress? What is the
police explanation of how he was able to commit suicide? What are the pros and cons of reopening
this investigation?
SEARCH TERMS: South Africa AND Ahmed Timol
CRIME AND LAW: Military Gear for Police
President Trump has reversed restrictions on the use of military hardware by the police
that President Obama had put in place by executive order. What were the reasons for President
Obama placing restrictions and President Trump’s rolling back the restrictions? What kind of
military equipment had been most often used by the police and why?
SEARCH TERMS: police AND Trump AND Obama AND military AND (hardware OR equipment)

CRIME AND LAW: Terrifying Texting Case     
TOPIC: A young woman whose boyfriend committed suicide has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for sending him texts that not only urged him to kill himself but instructed him how.  What has been the reaction from the public and from legal experts to this verdict and why?  What are some of the circumstances concerning their long-distance relationship and their state of mind for both youths involved?
SEARCH TERMS: Michelle Carter AND Conrad Roy AND manslaughter

CRIME AND LAW: Rep. Steve Scalise Shooting    
TOPIC: Representative Steve Scalise was shot and badly wounded by emotionally disturbed gunman James T. Hodgkinson while practicing with fellow Republicans for the annual Congressional Baseball Game.  How did security forces respond to the shooting and what has been discovered about the gunman?  What has been the reaction from the government to this shooting?
SEARCH TERMS: Steve Scalise AND Hodgkinson

CRIME AND LAW: Ransomware Attack
TOPIC: Another ransomware software attack began in the Ukraine and locked up computers from around the world. Although the message asked for money, the fact that it directed people to a single email address that was easily blocked has some believing that money wasn’t the real object of this attack. Is there any significance to the fact that the attack started in the Ukraine? What were some of the companies affected by the attack?
SEARCH TERMS: ransomware AND attack

CRIME AND LAW: A Soldier Sentenced
An Israeli court has sentenced a soldier to 18 months in prison for shooting and killing a
Palestinian who was already down and no longer a threat. Sgt. Elor Azaria’s prosecutors
suggested he be given 3 to 5 years. What are the controversial aspects of this trial in Israel, given
that Azaria was a soldier and the Palestinian had attacked his unit? What have politicians said
about this?

CRIME AND LAW: Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez was a 15-year old boy shot in Mexico by a U.S. Border Agent standing
on the U.S. side of the border and the case that the Hernandez family has brought against the
border agent has now reached the Supreme Court. What were the circumstances of the shooting
and what are the legal issues involved in this case? How many cases have there been where a
U.S. border agent has fired into Mexico from the U.S. and killed someone? What were the
circumstances in each case?
SEARCH TERMS: Sergio Hernandez AND border agent AND Mexico

CRIME AND LAW: Etan Patz Case
Pedro Hernandez has been found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of Etan Patz.
When was the Patz murder, and what impact did it have on how parents have protected their
children since that time? When was Hernandez caught and how?
SEARCH TERMS: Etan Patz AND Pedro Hernandez

CRIME AND LAW: Murder Mystery
Kim Jong Nam, the older half-brother of Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, was murdered in an airport in Malaysia. Two women approached him and rubbed the chemical weapon VX near his mouth. It is thought that four North Korean men recruited them, watched the attack and then flew out afterwards from that airport. VX is so toxic that it is classed as a weapon of mass destruction. What are some of the theories about who was behind this attack? What reason would Kim Jong Un have for killing his brother? Why was Kim Jong Nam passed over for a leadership role and how did he spend his time after leaving North Korea? Is it likely that a non-state person had access to VX?

CRIME AND LAW: Prison Riots
 Two Brazilian gangs are battling in multiple overcrowded Brazilian prisons to control the drug trade. More than a hundred prisoners have died so far in the riots and the fighting continues. What are the two gangs called and where are they based? What has been the response of the authorities and is it working?
SEARCH TERMS: Brazil AND prisons AND gangs

CRIME AND LAW: Chelsea Manning Sentence Commutation
 Dishonorably-discharged soldier Chelsea Manning has had her sentence commuted by President Obama after serving 3 years of the 35-year sentence for violations of the Espionage Act and other offences. What exactly was Manning charged with and what were her motivations for her acts? What reasons did the President give for commuting her sentence and what was the public response to it?
SEARCH TERMS: Chelsea Manning AND Obama AND commut* AND sentenc*

CRIME AND LAW: Dylann Roof Sentence
Mass-murderer Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death in a jury decision. What is the federal statute that requires the judge in this case to abide by the jury decision and sentence him to death? What are the factors in this case that convinced the jury that death was the sentence he deserved and what are the criteria in deciding for a death sentence?
SEARCH TERMS: Dylann Roof AND death AND sentence*

CRIME AND LAW: Terror in Canada
Two suspects have been arrested after a shooting in a mosque in Quebec City where 6 people died and at least eight were wounded. What is known about the shooters? Who were the victims? How has Canada reacted to this seemingly senseless act?
SEARCH TERMS: Quebec City AND mosque

CRIME AND LAW: Obama’s Clemency List
In his largest single-day act as president, Barack Obama has granted clemency to 231
people. How many people has he granted clemency to during his presidency and how does his
number of pardons compare to that of other U.S. presidents? What are some of the common
circumstances in which he had offered clemency? Which of his pardons drew the most attention?
SEARCH TERMS: Obama AND (clemency OR pardons) AND sentence

CRIME AND LAW: Christmas Market Attack
A Tunisian drove a loaded truck into the crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12
people. The attacker was later shot to death in Italy. What are Germany’s Christmas markets and
how widespread are they? Who was the alleged attacker and what is known about him? How did
he get from Berlin to Italy?
SEARCH TERMS: Berlin AND terrorism AND Christmas Market

CRIME AND LAW: Fraudulent Visas
A U.S. Embassy operated in Accra, Ghana for about a decade, selling fraudulent visas. It
was run by Turkish and Ghanaian organized crime rings and has recently been shut down. Could
these visas have actually been used to enter the United States? Who were the victims in this longrunning
SEARCH TERMS: Ghana AND visas AND embassy

CRIME AND LAW: Turkish Nightclub Shooting
A gunman entered the popular Reina nightclub in Istanbul late on New Year’s Eve and fired indiscriminately. 39 people were killed and many more wounded. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this act. Why would ISIS attack an Islamic government? Who do the police believe the gunman I and how is their investigation going? What other attacks have taken place in Turkey recently, and who has claimed to have made them? What U.S. based cleric does the Turkish government accuse of responsibility for some of these attacks?
SEARCH TERMS: Istanbul AND Reina AND shooting

CRIME AND LAW: Leaving the ICC
South Africa has initiated the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court
(ICC) with the filing of legislation. It follows its fellow African nation Burundi in taking this action.
What are the arguments South Africa is making against membership in the ICC? What incident last
year helped formulate those arguments? What do African nations feel the ICC is targeting African
countries? What other African nation recently announces that it too would be leaving the ICC?
SEARCH TERMS: South Africa AND (International Criminal Court OR ICC)

CRIME AND LAW: Oregon Militant Trial
The armed militants led by Ammon Bundy who had occupied the Malheur National Wildlife
Refuge in Harney County, Oregon have been acquitted. What were the charges against them and
what was the jury’s legal reasoning behind the acquittal? How is the militia movement in Oregon
growing and why? Who is Ammon Bundy’s father and what is he most known for?
SEARCH TERMS: Ammon Bundy AND (trial OR acquit*)

CRIME AND LAW: Paris Terror Attacks
TOPIC: Ten terrorists divided into three teams attacked 8 sites in Paris in a Mumbai-style assault, using automatic weapons and suicide bombs to kill at least 120 people. Among the places attacked were bars, restaurants, a concert hall and the national stadium, where a friendly soccer game between France and Germany was occurring. How did the attacks on Mumbai differ from earlier terrorist attacks? Where did the bulk of the killings in Paris occur? What happened to the various attackers? What became of the alleged mastermind behind the attacks? What was the role of Brussels, Belgium in the investigation?
SEARCH TERMS: Paris AND (terror attacks OR shootings OR suicide bombers)

CRIME AND LAW: Standoff in Oregon
TOPIC: An armed militia took over a federal building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon to protest the treatment of ranchers who have been convicted of arson. Who is leading these protests, what are their specific complaints and what is the general political and philosophical outlook of the protesters? What events of 2014 are related, and what were the primary contested issues in those events?
SEARCH TERMS: Oregon AND Malheur National Wildlife Refuge AND Bundy

CRIME AND LAW: NY and CT Gun Laws Upheld    
TOPIC:  A ruling by a U.S. Appellate Court has upheld the gun laws in the states of Connecticut and New York.  What are the restrictions on gun ownership in each state and what does this decision imply for other states?  What is the reasoning behind the decision and what was the reasoning behind the challenge to these laws?
SEARCH TERMS: New York AND Connecticut AND gun? AND (Appellate OR Appeals)

CRIME AND LAW: Violence in Jerusalem
TOPIC: There are an increasing number of knife attacks on Israelis in Jerusalem by Palestinians, which have led to attacks on Palestinians. Tensions are high throughout the city. One response to this is to limit who might attend Friday prayers in Al Aqsa mosque to women and senior citizens. Has this response been effective? How does the status of Al Aqsa underlie this recent round of violence? What other types of attacks have occurred?  
SEARCH TERMS: Israel AND Palestinians AND attacks

CRIME AND LAW: Police Shooting of Laquan McDonald     
TOPIC:  A year-old police cruiser video showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting a knife-wielding man named Laquan McDonald multiple times has recently been made public and has stirred large protests as well as the arrest of Officer Van Dyke for first degree murder.  How many times was McDonald shot and what are some of the details of the video footage that refute previous police claims about the incident?  Why had requests for the video been denied by the Chicago police department and how is this being investigated?  Where did the protests take place?  What are some of the tactics the protesters are using and what do they hope to achieve?
SEARCH TERMS: Laquan McDonald AND Jason Van Dyke

TOPIC:  A new chip technology called EMV chips is replacing the swipe strip on credit cards in an effort to make identity theft more difficult and improve overall credit card security.  What does EMV stand for and how do the chips work?  How is this new technology expected to improve security over the old swipe strip cards?  What does the FBI caution are risks that EMV card users should still watch out for?
SEARCH TERMS: (EMV OR chip) AND credit cards AND security

CRIME AND LAW: Oregon Militia     
TOPIC:  A group calling itself the Oregon Militia staged an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside Burns, Oregon but was finally apprehended by the FBI who arrested militia leader Ammon Bundy and others in the group.  What was the reason the militia occupied the refuge and what are the most compelling arguments for and against their views? When the FBI apprehended the militia, who was shot and killed and what were the circumstances?  What were the specific charges brought against the group?
SEARCH TERMS: Oregon AND Militia AND (Ammon Bundy OR Malheur OR FBI)

CRIME AND LAW: Center for Medical Progress       
TOPIC:  A federal grand jury has indicted members of the anti-abortion activist group Center for Medical Progress for tampering with government records during its efforts to discredit Planned Parenthood.  What records were tampered with and why?  What did this group accuse Planned Parenthood of doing and what did a count find in regard to their charges?    
SEARCH TERMS: Center for Medical Progress AND grand jury

CRIME AND LAW: Alexander Litvinenko Poison Investigation
TOPIC: An inquiry into the death by poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko has published its results in London. It stated that the murder was state-sanctioned, and that the Russian President Putin probably authorized or was aware of it. What in the nature of the poison lent itself to the theory it was state-sanctioned? Why would Putin seek Litvinenko’s death? What other claims were made in the report? How did Russia respond to this report?
SEARCH TERMS: Alexander Litvinenko AND (inquiry OR report)

CRIME AND LAW: Urban Murder Rate  
TOPIC:  The murder rate is rising in many U.S. cities.  Which ones are being most strongly impacted? How is crime rising in each one?  How are governments at the city, state and national level addressing this rise in murder?  What is law enforcement doing to stem crime in these cities?
SEARCH TERMS: murder AND (cities OR city)

CRIME AND LAW: Amanda Knox
TOPIC: Amanda Knox’s legal ordeal is finally at an end, with the Italian Court of Cassation producing a document setting out the reasons for its ruling last March. The court basically said the prosecution should never have occurred. What were Knox and her friend, Raffaele Sollecito, accused of doing? What did the court say was wrong with the prosecution’s case?

CRIME AND LAW: San Bernardino Terror Attack
TOPIC: A county public health department event in San Bernardino became the target of a terror massacre when two terrorists gunned down 14 employees. How was the plot planned and carried out? Who were the attackers and what help did they have? How did security measures fail to discover their plot? What police action was taken and what discovered in the investigation regarding this case?
SEARCH TERMS: San Bernardino AND terror AND Farook

CRIME AND LAW: Chicago Police Department    
TOPIC:  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced some changes in the Chicago police departments equipment and practices.  What are these changes and how are they expected to end the department's recent pattern of excessive force and improve community relations?  What have been the recent tragic events that have created urgency for the Mayor to address practices in the police force?
SEARCH TERMS: Chicago AND police

CRIME AND LAW: Pretorius Appeal  
TOPIC: The South African Supreme Court of Appeal has determined that Oscar Pretorius is guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and has directed the trial court to re-sentence him. He had previously been convicted of manslaughter in this case. What lead the original judge to find him guilty of the lesser charge? What was the reasoning of the Appeals court judge? How did the Steenkamp family react to this?
SEARCH TERMS: Oscar Pistorius AND murder

CRIME AND LAW: U.S. Supreme Court Nomination     
TOPIC:  The death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left a vacancy on the court.  What is the process to replace a Supreme Court Justice and what is the debate between President Obama and some of the Republicans in the Senate over how best to conduct this process?  What are some of the most famous Supreme Court decisions and dissents where Justice Scalia played a strong role?
SEARCH TERMS: Supreme Court AND nominat* AND Scalia AND Obama

CRIME AND LAW: Kalamazoo Shootings     
TOPIC:  Jason Brian Dalton, a driver for the online taxi dispatch service Uber has been charged with a series of deadly shootings at different locations in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  What evidence have investigators discovered in this case and what are some of the unsettling aspects of Dalton's role as a driver at the time of these shootings?  What has been questioned about Uber's vetting procedures during this case?
SEARCH TERMS: Uber AND Dalton AND Kalamazoo

CRIME AND LAW: Amnesty International Annual Report
TOPIC: In its annual report, Amnesty International scorned most European countries for their lack of sensitive response to thousands of refugees who were fleeing war-torn nations and seeking refuge in 2015. Thirty or more countries worldwide, including France and the US, illegally forced refugees to return to their countries where they faced inhumane and dangerous conditions. The one country that was an exception to the report was Germany. What is surprising about this report?  What type of role has Amnesty International played in the refugee crisis?  What types of strategies has Germany used to manage the refugee crisis that other countries have failed to do?
SEARCH TERMS: Amnesty International AND annual report

CRIME AND LAW: Bombs in Brussels
TOPIC: The week after the arrest in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, wanted in connection with last fall’s terrorist attacks in Paris, three bombs went off in Brussels. Two of them were at its airport and the third was on its subway system. Were these two events related? Who claimed responsibility for the attacks? What have investigators found out about the attackers and their accomplices? Has the airport reopened and has its security measures been changed as a result of the attacks?
SEARCH TERMS: Brussels AND (bombs OR attacks)

CRIME AND LAW: Supreme Court Hears Abortion Law Cases
TOPIC: The Supreme Court has been hearing oral arguments involving Texas law. The case asks if the law, which would go into effect soon, should uphold that Texas should be required to give doctors admitting rights to hospitals, and whether clinics will need to upgrade their facilities to hospital like standards. This requirement would shut down many of the Texas abortion clinics. What are the arguments for this law? What are the arguments against it? Why is this a particularly difficult time for the Supreme Court to be hearing a case such as this?SEARCH TERMS: Supreme Court AND abortion

CRIME AND LAW: New Orleans Violence
TOPIC: Although there has been a recent burst in violence, and shootings continue to be a major problem in New Orleans, the murder rate has finally started to subside. What issues affect the high rates of violence in New Orleans? What types of responses seem to help reduce the crime levels? How much are guns a player in the high rates of murder?
SEARCH TERMS: New Orleans AND violence

CRIME AND LAW: Sovereign Theft
TOPIC:  Security researchers believe they can tie recent computer thefts from three different Asian banks to state sanctioned hackers from North Korea. It is the first time a country has been linked to this type of crime. What ties these attacks to North Korea? How much have they tried to steal and from whom? What is the significance of the fact that the targeted banks are all in developing nations? How is the Swift system for transferring funds involved in this crime?
SEARCH TERMS: North Korea AND bank AND Swift

CRIME AND LAW: International Death Squad
TOPIC:  An Argentinian court has ruled that Operation Condor, an international program that allowed members of security services to cross borders and kidnap or kill exiles, was a criminal conspiracy to murder.  Accordingly, it has sentenced the defendants to a range of jail time from eight years to life.  Which country set up this program?  What other countries participated?  What was its most notorious crime which happened in Washington, D.C.?  What, if anything, was the U.S. role in Operation Condor?
SEARCH TERMS: Operation Condor AND Argentina

CRIME AND LAW: Slavery Report
TOPIC:  The Walk Free Foundation has issued a report estimating the number of people held in slavery worldwide.  It includes people in forced marriages, forced labor, debt bondage and sexual exploitation.  The total number is 48.5 million people in 167 countries.  Which continent has the most people in these conditions?  Which country has the most people in slavery?  Which country has the highest percentage per capita?  Has the number of people reported gone up or down since the last Global Slavery Index?
SEARCH TERMS: Walk Free Foundation OR Global Slavery Index

CRIME AND LAW: Oklahoma Executions  
TOPIC:  A grand jury report has concluded that Oklahoma officials have been both careless and reckless in their process of conducting executions.  What specifically was the grand jury report addressing and what was the evidence to support their conclusions? How could the executions have gone better?  What has been the response by the state of Oklahoma to the report?
SEARCH TERMS: Oklahoma AND (lethal injection OR executions) AND grand jury

CRIME AND LAW: Gang Arrest
TOPIC: New York City made its largest arrest of gang members in city history with the arrest of 120 members of rival gangs. How was this massive arrest set up and conducted? What were the crimes that gang members were arrested for and how was the evidence gathered? What are some general patterns of how gangs operate, make money and maintain power and control? What areas of New York City were these arrests made and what is the significance of those areas to the gangs that had members arrested?
SEARCH TERMS: gangs AND Bronx AND (arrested OR arrests OR arrest)

TOPIC: There are a number of ways scammers use the April tax deadline to steal from tax payers, either by identity theft or by impersonating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). What are some of the specific tactics used? What measures have been taken to try to catch them? What action can you take if you find out you have been scammed by either a scammer fraudulently posing as the IRS or attempting to get your tax refund by stealing your identity?
SEARCH TERMS: (tax OR taxes) AND (scam OR scammers OR scams)

CRIME AND LAW: Execution Trends
TOPIC: The number of executions worldwide has spiked up last year. It is thought that 1,634 people were put to death. This figure does not include executions in China. What countries were most active in executing people? What offenses led to death in these countries? What countries have outlawed the death penalty?
SEARCH TERMS: executions AND rates

CRIME AND LAW: Istanbul Airport Bombings
TOPIC: Three suicide bombers struck Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Some witnesses believe there were other armed men involved as well. While no one has claimed responsibility, Turkish officials think the Islamic State was behind this attack. Why would ISIS attack Turkey? How busy is this airport? How many fatalities and other casualties were there? What is known about the bombers?
SEARCH TERMS: Istanbul AND Ataturk Airport AND bombings

TOPIC: Jo Cox, a British Member of Parliament, was attacked in her constituency, shot and
stabbed. She died later that day. She was a supporter of immigrants and had previously worked
with refugees with Oxfam and had been campaigning in favor of staying in Europe. How did the
nation react to this death? Who killed her and what is known about him?

CRIME AND LAW: Mass Murder in Orlando
TOPIC: 49 people were killed and 53 injured when Omar Mateen shot up a gay nightclub in
Orlando, Florida called Pulse. What were the motivations for his enraged shooting spree? What
evidence existed before this shooting that showed he was emotionally unstable and possibly
dangerous and how was it acted on and why? What political debate has come out of this tragedy
and how has it taken place in the U.S. Congress?
SEARCH TERMS:Orlando AND (Pulse OR nightclub OR club) AND (Mateen OR shooting OR gun)

CRIME AND LAW: Terror Across Europe
TOPIC: In a 12-day period in Europe there were six terrorist attacks in six different cities. The most horrific was the truck being driven through crowds gathered in Nice, France, to watch fireworks on Bastille Day. ISIS has claimed responsibility for most of them, though it appears many of the terrorists were self-radicalized. What are some of the traits the perpetrators have in common? Do these attacks, along with the two attacks on Paris and the attack in Brussels, signify a change in strategy for ISIS or are they more likely a string of copycat actions? What are the challenges in both preventing and defending against attacks that are not considered to be widespread or traditional warfare operations? What are some of the discussions taking place that consider how best to fight terrorism and decentralized radicalism?
SEARCH TERMS: Europe AND terrorism

CRIME AND LAW: Oscar Pistorius Sentencing
TOPIC: Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He was back in court because his crime had been upgraded from manslaughter to murder. What were the circumstances of his crime and what was his original sentence? What was his defense at this sentencing hearing? Why did the judge give him less than the 15 year minimum sentence that the prosecution wanted?
SEARCH TERMS: Oscar Pistorius AND sentence

CRIME AND LAW: Dallas Sniper Attack
TOPIC: A sniper in Dallas, Texas targeted and shot white police officers, killing five and injuring nine during a peaceful protest against police brutality. Who was the sniper and why was he targeting white police officers? What are some other recent examples of police being targeted by shooters and what were the circumstances behind each case?
SEARCH TERMS: police AND Dallas AND sniper

CRIME AND LAW: Labor Strife
TOPIC: Striking independent miners in Bolivia kidnapped deputy interior minister Rodolfo Illanes and beat him to death. He had been in the area to mediate the dispute with the strikers. What were the strikers demanding from the government? What external factors had led to the decrease in their wages? What impact has the privatization of the mining sector had on their lives? How are the independent miners organized?
SEARCH TERMS: Bolivia AND independent miners
CRIME AND LAW: Baltimore Police Investigation
TOPIC: As the Justice Department released a critical report regarding the Baltimore police department’s use racial discrimination and excessive violence, the findings also pointed to their unlawful mistreatment of the mentally ill. In many cases, the victims’ civil rights were violated according to the Americans with Disability Act. How do the findings of this report compare to the recent findings of investigations into other police departments’ use of excessive force? How does a pattern of behavior become defined as systemic? When a problematic pattern reaches a systemic level what types of interventions are effective in making change?
SEARCH TERMS: Baltimore AND police AND report