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Services for Graduate Students : Writing your Thesis!

Literature Review

Reasons for searching the literature 

1. to identify work already done or in progress that is relevant to your work;

2. to help to prevent you from duplicating what has already been done;

3. to avoid some of the pitfalls and errors of previous research;

4. to help you design the methodology for your project by identifying the key issues and data collection techniques best suited to your topic;

5. to enable you to find gaps in existing research, thereby giving you a unique topic.

(Hart, Chris. 2001. Doing a literature search:a comprehensive guide for the social sciences. London:Sage)

Research Support from our Libraries.

Through our variety of Subject Guides, we idenitfy the range of Library services and support available to research candidates.  Follow the tabs within individual guides to explore resources on topics of relevance.  You're welcome to make use of the feedback and comments links to alert Liaison Librarians to any information needs that are not being met by these guides.  

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Librarians are experts at finding and managing information. We can help you choose a topic, find resources, evaluate those resources, and much more!